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Let's Talk About Chocolate

Did you know Common Bond is one of the only restaurants in Texas to use Republica Del Cacao chocolate? República del Cacao was born with one mission: to locally produce the most authentic Latin American chocolate, by protecting sustainable fine cacao production.

Their unique equatorial climate and rich, varied biodiversity provide the perfect conditions for growing cacao and producing their chocolate entirely in Latin America, with natural local ingredients.

This high-quality, highly sustainable product can be found in Common Bond products like:

Chocolate Chip Cookie 

Chocolate Croissant 

Triple Chocolate Chip Cookie 

Black and White Cake 

Dulce Coffee Cake 

Walnut Brownie 

Salted Caramel Cake 

Chocolate Macaron 

Turtle Brownie 

Chocolate Chip 

Walnut Cookie 

Chocolate Raspberry Cake

We use pure Ecuadorian chocolate made from fine flavor cacao “Nacional” from Ecuador. It displays a taste of white flowers followed by a toasty coffee sensation with a round and powerful chocolate finish. As a characteristic finale, it has a nice body combined with the emblematic bitter notes of the Ecuadorian “Nacional” cacao.